Spring Decluttering Pro-Tips From an Eco-Minimalist

Do you smell that? Take a big whiff… it’s spring and it’s time to throw all of your shit away, baby.

As I write this, I’m imagining myself in conversation with my mother-in-law who’s currently hoarding an entire basement and two barns full of useless junk to “pass down to her children and grandchildren” after she meets her life’s end.

Thanks, Pam.

〰 If you have a hard time throwing away cards that people have given to you, take a photo of them and the message written inside. Then, put all of those photos in a digital album that you can look back on whenever and wherever you are!

〰 When decluttering your clothes, take all of the big chunky winter sweaters and coats out of your closet and store them in a box somewhere out of sight until it starts to get chilly again. Trust me, I get it- it’s nearly impossible to create a “capsule” wardrobe when you live in a 4-season climate. However, I’ve found that removing my winter items for the summer and removing my summer items for the winter really helps me keep my closet manageable, easy to navigate, and it makes laundry a much less complicated process.

〰 If you haven’t touched something in a year (excluding decor, though I recommend switching it up every now and then as a way to refresh your space with new life), sell it, donate it, recycle it. You most likely wont use it if you haven’t used it in the past year!

〰 Bring donation boxes, a recycling bin, and most importantly- an “elsewhere” box into each room with you. This way, you can avoid wasting time (and if you have ADHD- you’ll avoid getting sidetracked or caught up in something else needing attention) walking between rooms to put items where they’re supposed to be. The “elsewhere” box can simply serve as your catch-all for all of the things that need to either find a new home or be put back in their rightful home.

〰 This tip is often used for children and their toys, but I think it can be of huge benefit for adults who struggle with letting things go as well: When you find yourself unable to let something go, even though you know it is no longer of use or value to you, consider someone who WOULD find value or get use out of it. There may be a woman fleeing violence in your area who has been praying for the thing that sits in your drawer, untouched. Maybe a residential reentry center (otherwise known as halfway houses) in your area has an overwhelming need for the items collecting dust in your home. Instead of believing that getting rid of items = loss, start viewing the decluttering process as a way to bless others!

〰 Don’t forget to declutter the less obvious areas like your fridge, pantry, pet treats & toys, and your makeup, skincare, and hair product stashes!

〰 Open the windows while you’re cleaning, even if its a lil cold. Let the fresh air seep into your indoor space, I promise it feels (and for some reason… smells?) so dang pleasant.

I’m curious… what part of the decluttering process is the most difficult for you? Getting the motivation to start? Doing it efficiently? The act of letting go?

Thanks so much for reading + happy decluttering!

Sadie Kay



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